Mandarin Immersion
I love the Mandarin immersion programs and often share my passion for Mandarin and Chinese culture. 
Shoot me an email and let's schedule an appointment with your students! I don't charge and am willing to travel!

Short Video for Beginning Mandarin Students

Short Video for Intermediate-Advanced Mandarin Students

Short Video in Mandarin for Advanced Students

Latest Projects

The Local Guide Takes You Exploring 
This 5-book series is for intermediate Mandarin students. After the simplified Mandarin humorous dialogue and interesting information, there are pages written in English for vocabulary, basic Mandarin review, and explanations of the humor. Mandarin students will love these books because they will understand how humorous Mandarin is when the wrong tones are said, or when other misunderstanding occurs! Email me for your copy!

Who is Andy Hogan

I love the Chinese and their language! After living in Taiwan for 11 months, I minored in Asian studies and Mandarin at Weber State University. Over the next 25 years I've used Mandarin as an author, speaker, business rep., tour guide, and friend. 

Andy's ACTFL Certificate